NEWS: N-Lemma Goes Green!

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Or, for the big picture: Gotta love it!.

Sylvania Soaring Adventures

Come fly gliders with us at Beloit Airport, "the prettiest little airport in the world". More fun than anyone otta be allowed to have in public!

Glider Weather

Weather links for glider pilots in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Raw METARS, TAF's, Winds Aloft, Themal Index, and more. Plus a link to my Skywarn Ham Radio buddies...

The new toy. It's a Whizzer Motorbike.

The fullfillment of a childhood dream... Take a look at my A Whizzer NE 5 owner's log.

Micro Remote Controlled Model Airplanes

Ya need something to do during the cold months. Here's some info about my big winter fun, and some links for folks who might wanna share in the big time. Indoor R/C model airplanes.'s Calculators

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Click out a Javascript antenna impedence calculator The folded dipole and 4:1 Balun

A bit of propeller theory, and a calculator Prop-Calc is back on-line..

This page calculates loads on a wing strut: Calculate wing strut size.

This page calculates loads on a strut-braced wing spar: Find the max bending and shear loads/moments.

Is your Ultralight Airplane FAR 103 legal? Find out with our AC 103-7 calculator.

For real fun, click your way to the mother of all calculator sites. It's worth the click. What's today's date on the Aztec calendar? Mortgage calc? and on and on... Way...

Lightpane aestheics..

The Taylor-Young. The Monocoupe. The E-2. And on and on...
So many pretty airplanes.


Rearwin Aircraft. Way pretty!
And more to come, as arises from its ashes.

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