Feeding a Folded Dipole Antenna.

Why did I do this?

About the same time I got a 6 Meter rig, I found myself experimentingwith Javascript. It was a natural match.Javascript does math. I needed some math done. The question was how to feedthe 6 Meter antenna I was trying to build. Voila, a programming exercise!Most of the math comes from ARRL publications.I knew I was having fun when I found that I'd have to remember how toconvert natural (base e) logarithm's to base 10...

At any rate, after a bunch of hacking, the numbers started working. Big fun!

Here's the result:

A folded dipole antenna input impedance calculator.

If you play with the numbers, and get the input impedance down to 200ohms, you'll need a 4:1 balun to feed it from 50 ohm coax.

The N9XCU 4:1 balun calculatorwill get you close.

Ham's! I need to improve this code. Wanna help? Send suggestions.

Non-engineering types.. Try some numbers. You otta be able to geta divide by zero error somewhere... Or tell me how to make it less ugly...

--del N9XCU