Weather For Glider Pilots
In Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

Ya don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
--Bob Dylan

A forecast is what you expect, weather is what you get...
Local Visible GOES-8 Image

Local Visible GOES-8 Image Loop (requires Java)

Raw METAR's for Illinois.
Raw METAR's for Wisconsin.
Raw METAR's for Iowa.
Raw METAR's for Minnesota.
TAF's AF's Winds Aloft. It's all here.

Kevin Ford's Thermal Index site. (Thanks JC.)
Way fun link to interactive Skew T Log P charts from NOAA. (JAVA required...)
Dr. Jack's Blipmaps... Way-cool! Where's the lift today? Dr. Jack forecasts... (Pay site but worth it..)

Get your NOTAMS here! The radius search is way-fun. And you can get NOTAMS for the whole planet. Before you land-out in Baghdad, take a look.

My favorite local forecaster, these days, is Gilbert Sebenste. He's no more accurate than any other forecaster... But his forecasts are a good read. Take a look at this great Weather Geek site from Northern IL University. Good fun.

Another favorite weather site comes from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Good radar and satellite coverage.

Radar Reports

This moasic 88-D radar loop from The NIU web site is way-good. 5 minute updates.

And, a link to Chris Ruff's soaring weather site. Lots of soaring weather links.

And a link to the weather folks at the College of DuPage. When the weather's too wicked to fly, join our ground-based weather watch network. We play with ham radio; reporting micro-scale evil weather to local emergency responce folks and the NWS. Don't hole-up, go out, and watch, and report the weather.

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