Indoor Micro R/C Vendors

Micro Flight Means Buildin'Light..

A list of my favorite sources for building light weight indoor R/C model aircraft. Presented in no particular order..
Air Dynamics
Gabe is a great guy. If you are a "faomie" builder, he's got "the good stuff". And lots of other good parts as well. Click it out..

Bob Selman Designs
Bob gets lots of orders from me. And there will be more to come. Keep going back to his web site. He keeps us all on the "bleeding edge" of micro-light R/C technology.

This is the home of the RFFS-100 reciever. What can I say? Whip out your credit card and BUY! Lots of other stuff too.

Dave Lewis' Homefly
Dave's online catalog is a joy to read. And it's full of stuff you won't be able to live without.

Graham Stabler describes his web catalog as, "Small Bits for Small Models at Small Prices." That's a good description. A great UK source for the small bits, and some larger ones as well. Graham is a fun critter.

Indoor Model Supply
Ahh, Lew Gitlow... A fine person... Mostly Free Flight Indooor stuff, but if you dig deep enough in his catalog you'll find stuff you can't live without.

Sky Hooks and Rigging
These folks have been around for a while. Their catalog is extensive. My $US continue to be converted to $Canadian... Tons of small parts, electronics, and tools. I love these folks!

Gasparin CO2 Motors
Stopped recieving Gasparin's late last year. They have G-Mot though. So still worth a look.
Are you tired of indoor electric motors and gears making noises that don't sound like "real" airplanes? I am. Having played with CO2 motors on FF models in the past, I'm looking for an excuse to buy a Gasparin with a throttle! Put, putt, buzzz...

Larry Park Flyers
What can I say about Larry? He built a wind tunnel to test the thrust of his prop/gear/motor combinations! He's one of us..
If you like building light models, and visit his web site without buying something... Then there's something wrong with you!

John Worth's Cloud Nine
John was there for us all at the beginnng of micro-light R/C. And he's still there for us. He's a great guy with lots of light parts to sell.

Eflight Designs
If you don't check out the light weight R/C stuff here, you'e wrong! But beware. This web site will make you whip out your checkbook! Don't fly Li-Poly without an E-Fight low voltage detector.

F1D BIZ, Tim Goldstein
Mostly aimed at indoor Free Flight. But, if ya wanna build light, Tim's got the stuff. And his links to the indoor FF community are great! Great condenser paper.

Micro Mark
Lots of way-cool tools for working with small parts. I've bought ehough stuff from these folks that they'll probably be sending me catalogs after I'm dead, just in case there's an afterlife...

Small Parts
The name says it all... But I'll elaborate...
If you look at their catalog and don't end up thinking, "Wow! I could probably use that for.. something..". Then, sorry my friend, you have just failed phase one of my test for who's a True Tinkerer..

If ya find more cool stuff, let me know,
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