Who is this guy?

As Boris Badinov, from the old Bullwinkle cartoon show would say, "Allowing me to introducing myself."

I grew up on a farm in West Central Illinois. I fell in love with the Whizzer when I was a pup, but I couldn't afford one. I could only stare at the happy kid on his Whizzer in magazine advertisements and dream about being that kid.

I'm a bunch older now, and a retired software critter. About a week ago I saw a beautiful old Whizzer at an antique airplane fly-in. My long-abandoned Whizzer lust was re-kindled.

A bit of web research, some trips to find local dealers, a credit card whipped out, and I came home with a new Whizzer! The fullfilment of a childhood dream.

To commemorate the experience, I came up with a song..

          Born To Be Mild
 (Sung to the tune of "Born to be Wild")
     (Words by Del Ogren 9/12/07)
   (with appologies to Steppenwolf)	

Get your Whizzer runnin'
Stay off the big ol' highway
Goin' for some groceries
And to see what's on the way

Yeah the world will go right past me
Like a slow motion movie scene
But I would have missed it all
Without my Whizzer machine

I like ridin' slowly
Smelling every flower
Avoiding an adventure
At twenty miles an hour

Yeah Darlin' we'll make it happen
Think I know just what you like
Once you ride out on the Whizzer
We'll have to buy you a motorbike

Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be mild
We can't go that fast
So the journey's gonna last

Born to be mild
Born to be mild