A small light in the gloom.

I spent most of the afternoon working on the headlight problem. As I said in an earlier log entry, the headlight only came on when the engine was running and I put on the brakes.

Armed with a wiring diagram, and am idea about how the problem might have been introduced, I started pulling parts and chasing wires.

Years of experience have taught me that wire colors on wiring diagrams, and the colors on the wires do not matter. What matters is what is connected to what. That seems to be a lesson that the "mechanic" at the dealer has yet to learn.

When I bought the bike, the "mechanic" was rushing to get it set up. In the process he found that the left hand (from the rider's point of view) control block had a mirror mounting insert with bad threads. He replaced the control block and, in the process, had to re-connect the wires. Hence, my suspicion..

Sure enough, a blue wire coming from the headlight was connected to a blue wire leading to the left hand control block. But the blue wire in the control block was connected to the brake switch! I feel like there might be a headlight at the end of this tunnel. I've described what I've found in an email to Dave at Whizzer HQ. If he thinks I'm headed in the right direction, let there be light!

Meanwhile the Illinois licensing horrors continue. The dealer paperwork person reported today that she is playing phone-tag with their accountant to find out what to do... Ignorance has it's own reward... But when you buy from the ignorant, you become an involuntary educator..